Accounting Services

While you focus on your core business, Bala takes care of all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Our flexible approach allows our accounting services team to provide seamless integration with our clients operations countrywide and worldwide. Whether it is monthly bookkeeping; the management and quality assurance of accounts etc, we provide professional efficient services to cater for all your business requirements.

Bala provides comprehensive bookkeeping systems and processes to assist your organisation with periodic, monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping, either working in conjunction with your current financial / accounting department or taking on the full accounting function as an outsource. 

We also provide all our corporate clients (new business ventures, small to medium enterprises (SME), international companies, group of companies, branches, franchises, sole proprietors, partnership) with access to their own real-time web-interface ERP system with full bookkeeping functions or limited access to your employees for internal control purposes if so desired. The ERP allows our corporate clients access to crucial financial data from anywhere in the world in real-time in respect of their business or group of businesses. This tool is vitally important as all business decisions can only be made if the data is accurate, validated and immediately accessible. Our expertise therefore in communicating financial information to you will give the decision makers of your business the confidence to make well-informed, sound business choices.

Annual financial statements

Annual financial statements are required to be compiled and furnished to our corporate clients within at least 4 months after yearend. Financial statements reflect our corporate clients’ financial position for the year compared to the financial data of the previous year, which is invaluable as a tool when you want to sell your business, apply for a loan or overdraft or enter into a merger with another entity. 

At Bala, we believe that financial reporting should be proactive and not reactive. There is no benefit for the client if tax- or financial restructuring should have taken place during the financial year and not when the annual financial statement has been drafted. Therefore, specialist interaction and evaluation during the financial year benefit our corporate clients greatly and save them money.